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Shopping process

The website offers a 24-hour online ordering service, which is easy to complete with just a few steps.
Confirm identity → purchase goods → confirm the goods to be purchased → fill in the order materials → payment confirmation → order completion.

Step1, confirm identity
• If you are not our members, you must register as a member from our website.
• members: log into the member account.

Step2, purchase goods
• You can browse this website directly to find the products you need, or you can choose directly through the search function.

Step3, confirm the goods to be purchased
Confirm the item, quantity, and amount of the item to be purchased.

Step4, fill in the order information
Fill in the correct and detailed recipient information, please click "Checkout" after completion.

Step5, payment confirmation
Online credit card: Please enter the credit card you want to use.

Step6, order completion